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Shall Not Be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote | Library of Congress Magazine dedicates its July/August 2019 issue to women's suffrage

Going Beyond Equal Pay: How U.S. Women’s Soccer Highlights Broader Economic Inequalities @rakeen_mabud

  • "The pay disparity between the men’s and women’s national teams is stark, and is indicative of a pattern of gendered and racialized inequities in pay across our economy."

  • "These disparities are representative of a much broader set of gendered & racist inequities littered throughout our society. Biases against women & people of color are built into the very architecture of our economy ... hampering progress for all Americans."

  • "Common labor market practices, from the tipped minimum wage to mandatory arbitration, not only disproportionately curtail women’s health, wealth and safety on the some cases, were deliberately put in place to exclude women - particularly women of color - from the benefits and protections that other workers enjoy."

  • "To ensure true gender and racial equity, we need to both understand the ways in which racism and sexism are baked into our economy, and also understand that half measures will only go so far."

  • "We are living in an economy where not only do women and people of color face rules and institutions that stack the deck against them, but also a culture where we undervalue their work and what they contribute to our economy and society."

Why you should visit Cheyenne @dinamishev

  • "Considering that 2019 is the 150th anniversary of Wyoming granting women the right to vote, perhaps the most important part of the three-year restoration is the reclamation of the grand two-story, balconied room in which the Wyoming Constitution was debated."

  • "In this room, lawmakers decided that Wyoming would not accept statehood without keeping suffrage."

Future Senator?

  • The WY Legislature still suffers from a mighty gender gap — with 14 women lawmakers, Wyoming is tied with Nebraska for the fewest of any state and has one of the lowest percentages of women legislators, according to the Nat’l Conf. of State Legislatures.

The Case for Gender Diversity in National Security

  • “The idea that teams that reflect gender balance produce better results is no longer controversial in business—as a document assembled by the business association Catalyst shows.”

  • “Nor is it controversial at the International Monetary Fund, which has found that women’s participation on bank and regulatory boards increases financial stability.”

  • “It's not controversial when it comes to understanding how wars end, where research documents that peace agreements in which women are active negotiators are substantially more durable over time.”

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