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67th Wyoming Legislature


HB4 Bill Signing.jpg

HB 4 – Medicaid twelve month postpartum coverage.

PASSED! Governor Gordon called this signature legislation. 

Before HB4 passed the 67th, pregnant women could only access Medicaid for 60 days after the birth of their baby. The American Rescue Plan Act enabled states to expand that coverage to a full year after birth. We know that maternal mortality still happens during childbirth as well as in the first week postpartum. We also know 53% of deaths happen between 7 days and 12 months postpartum. This extension will save lives.

For more on maternal mortality in the US, read here.

Policy Work: List

Areas of Focus

Women's Economic Well-Being

Minimum Wage.png

According to recent economic reports:

  • Raising the minimum wage benefits the nation's lowest wage workers and yields benefits for employers and businesses. 

  • Higher wages for lower earners decrease employee turnover.

  • In Wyoming, Department of Workforce Services recommends raising the minimum wage to help close the gender wage gap.

  • Female minimum wage FT workers lack health insurance and most likely to fall into the Medicaid expansion coverage gap.

Access to Healthcare

Pregnant Belly
  • Maternal mortality & morbidity in Wyoming is higher than the national average

  • The U.S. has the highest rates of maternal mortality & morbidity of all developed nations and ranks 63rd internationally

  • 53% of all women die 7 days after childbirth to 12 months after childbirth

  • Wyoming is increasingly a maternity care desert

Access to Healthcare

Period Pic.jpg
  • Wyoming is one of 30 states that still taxes period products.

  • Wyoming has a high rate of maternal mortality and morbidity. Prenatal care is hard to access. Pregnancy is dangerous.

  • Wyoming is one of only 12 states that has yet to expand Medicaid. Medicaid is correlated with better health for moms and babies, better health outcomes for women, and is among the strongest poverty reduction tools available for women.

Women's Economic Well-Being

Wage Gap.png

​A Paycheck Fairness Act, modeled on federal efforts, would include:

  • Protect against retaliation for discussing salaries.

  • Prohibit employers from requiring salary history during the interview and hiring process.

  • Require employers to prove that pay disparities exist for legitimate, job-related reasons.

  • Create negotiation skills programs for women & girls.

Policy Work: What We Do
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