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Week 3 Recap + Week 4 Preview: Get Mobilized

As a paid lobbyist said in a Friday recap call, "It was a short week at the Legislature. Four days. But it felt like four years."

We echo this sentiment. But what a fantastic week!

Tuesday: Back from the holiday. Fast and furious on the floor. People testifying that the gender wage gap is just "a phenomenon happening everywhere that happens to be worse here." An inauspicious start.

Tuesday night: Petroleum Association dinner. They say goodbye to Bruce Hinchey and unveil their new logo. Are there Tetons throughout the state? Asking for a friend.

Wednesday: We start our tenure with George over there in the House. An auspicious start. Leap into Leadership leaps into action.

Wednesday night: Cokie Roberts. Is. A. Badass. Pretty sure her badassery alone moved two votes on the wage gap. Her speech probably moved another seven. Her keynote explored the history of women seeking equality and the value of representation. She reminded us that, among other things, Wyoming had the first jury with women on it. And that those women were accused of deserting their families (they were sequestered overnight) which prompted the first female bailiff. (Someone had to watch the women, of course.) When women come into power, it allows women to come to power in other areas. Nonetheless, she said, we have to keep asking, keep working, keep showing up. Since the beginning of the Republic, women have been saying, "We need to be involved."

Thursday: We take Cokie's words back to the Jonah Building and get to work. You can read more about how that turned out here.

Thursday night: Wyoming County Commissioners Association is meeting. Commissioners and Treasurers and Assessors and Clerks from around the state are everywhere. They have lots of concerns of their own, what with all the bills trying to remove decisions from local hands and move them to the state's hands.

Friday: Back at the Jonah and listening to testimony.

Week Four Preview. (Curious how we know what is when and where? You can, too.)

HB0140 Abortion - 48 hour waiting period

  • On General File, scheduled to be heard on the House Floor Monday (more likely Tuesday)

  • Mandates that a woman wait an extra 48 hours after she and her doctor have determined her course of care.

  • We oppose this bill.

  • For talking points, please click here.

HB0178 Prospective employees-salary history

  • In House Corporations Committee and scheduled for Tuesday upon noon recess.

  • This bill is an attempt to close the wage gap by ensuring that employers don't replicate previous discrimination by using salary history as a way to set comp.

  • We support this bill.

  • For talking points, please click here. Contact members of the House Corporations Committee.

HB0200 Wyoming pregnant workers fairness act

  • Also in Corporations on Tuesday upon noon recess.

  • Closes gaps between federal laws and clarifies for employers and pregnant employees what simple accommodations are allowed to keep pregnant women healthy while they work.

  • We support this bill.

  • For talking points, please click here. Contact members of the House Corporations Committee.

SF0128 Unborn victims of violence act

SF0144 Medicaid and SNAP eligibility requirements

  • Scheduled for Senate Labor/Health at 8:00am on Monday (tomorrow morning!).

  • This bill would impose onerous new requirements on those receiving public assistance, the majority of whom are women. Failure to work, attend school, or volunteer 20 hrs/wk--unpaid caregiving does not count--will result in the removal of eligibility for healthcare for 12 months.

  • We oppose this bill.

And so, we need to stay on it. Because, as Cokie said, "When reason finally comes, she comes in a skirt."

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