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Update from Corporations Committee

We're sorry to report that HB0200 Wyoming pregnant workers fairness act has failed to get out of committee on a vote of 4-5. Reps. Clifford, Duncan, Furphy, and Lindholm voted in favor of the bill which would clarify existing law for employers. The remaining 5 men voted against.

HB0178 is also dead after failing to get out of House Corporations Committee with only the women voting in favor of it.

The men worried: Is this really an issue? Will there be unintended consequences? Are things really as bad as they were in the '70s when there was real discrimination? And one wondered aloud, Who will cook dinner? Yes, you read that right. One of the male legislators asked who would be cooking dinner. (We would like to inquire who will be running against him in 2020 and then, gently, suggest that he might have plenty of time on his hands to cook his own dinner thereafter, but that's a conversation for another day.)

The women shared their own stories from the workforce. And, in doing so, they demonstrated once again why it is essential that we have women representing us at all levels of government.

A legislature that more closely resembles the population of our state will have laws that support everyone who lives and works in Wyoming. With your help, we will start working on that as soon as the 65th Legislature is adjourned.

In the meantime, please thank Reps. Clifford and Duncan for supporting these important bills that support women's economic security. And continue to stay engaged and involved in the process.

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