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The Latest Equity State Column

Founder, Jen Simon, writes a monthly column for the Jackson Hole News&Guide. This month's tackles economic security and the benefits to everyone in Wyoming that accrue when we pay women more. Check out Equity State at the N&G.

"Well-paid women are a win for Wyoming"

Economic security is a critical part of everyone’s overall well-being, including women’s. It contributes directly to our educational attainment, health, family stability and community engagement.

Over the last few decades we’ve increased our labor force participation, education, and earnings which has enabled more women to achieve economic security.

Yet a substantial number of women in the United States — and in Wyoming — face economic hardships. In his Common Sense column published on Christmas Eve, Paul Hansen described who among our friends and neighbors are likely to live below the poverty line. It is always more people than we realize.

I want to highlight that more than half of those people — more than 16 million — are women. These national numbers hold true in Wyoming, too. Of approximately 37,000 Wyomingites living in poverty, more than 23,000 of those are women.


For the entire column, "Well-paid women are a win for Wyoming," click here and visit the N&G. And, as always, we encourage you to subscribe to your local newspaper!


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