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Sunday's Q&A on the Legislature

You've sent us lots of amazing questions about the Legislature this week! Thanks to everyone who wants to know how to get more involved. We're huge fans of demystifying the political process. Our democracy depends on you, so we're happy to tell you more about how the process works.


Find your Legislator!

Want to know how a bill becomes a law? 

How do I know what's going on or when things are happening?


You've learned who your electeds are. You've investigated who is on the Committees. You've checked out the bills themselves, the Committee list, and the floor calendar. Now, you want to get in touch and let them know what you think. How would you do that?

Here at the Action Network, we're big fans of specific examples. So let's use two bills we've been talking about since we launched and help you contact Senators about them: HB0071 Equal pay - penalties and HB0084 Wage equality - state employees and programs.

  • You read the bills and want to help get them passed.

  • You looked and discovered that both bills will heard in Senate Transportation tomorrow afternoon upon adjournment.

  • You want to contact the members of Senate Transportation, so you click here. The Senate Members are listed on the left-hand side of the page. 

  • First, click the Legislator's name. Then use the "Contact Me" tab to the left of their bio to get to their contact information. Email addresses are hotlinked.

You've found the Committee Members and your own Senator and you're ready to email them. Here's what we recommend you do:

  • Be brief and respectful! Their job is hard.

  • Put the bill number and name and what you'd like them to do in the subject line of an email. 

  • For example: Please vote YES on HB0084 Wage Equality or Please vote YES on HB0071 Equal pay penalties.

  • Address them by their official title: e.g., Chairman Von Flatern, Sen. Anderson, Sen. Pappas, Sen. Hutchings, Sen. Steinmetz, and be sure to spell their name correctly.

  • Write a brief email explaining why the issue is important, why you care.

  • You can use talking points from fact sheets to help you. There is a fact sheet on the wage gap here and another one here. Studies are available on the research page, here. And a couple of posts here and here have more information. The State's own wage gap report is here (page 7 is especially helpful).

  • When possible, share a personal story or example. 

  • Using your own words is essential.

  • Thank them for their service! We appreciate that they are dedicated public servants.

  • For example: Dear Senator: The gender wage gap in Wyoming contributes to women's economic insecurity. Wages lost to the wage gap mean that women struggle to support their families. It means fewer dollars for local businesses, lost tax revenue for the state, and deters Wyoming's economic development. Please vote to close the wage gap by voting YES on HB0084. Thank you for your service!

  • Be sure to put your name and where you live in your email signature


Questions? Let us know, we're here to help you engage! Our state work best when you raise your voice.

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