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Stuff To Do While Social Distancing or Lady Resources for Ladies during A Pandemic

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Three essays, three books, three tv shows, three movies, three twitter follows, three recipes. Plus three unsolicited opinions.

Essays & Poems

  1. Back when it was not irresponsible to go out in the world, this was an evergreen, you-should-probably-just-read-it-daily-to-validate-your-experience-as-a-woman essay by Rebecca Solnit: Men Explain Things To Me. But now you should definitely stay in your house and read it again.

  2. The Crane Wife by CJ Hauser (In part, because it is, in fact, crane migration season. Even if you can't see it, it is still happening.)

  3. To Be of Use by Marge Piercy


  1. The Woman at the Washington Zoo, political and personal essays by the late Marjorie Williams

  2. Claiming Ground by Cody, Wyoming's own Laura Bell

  3. Transit by Rachel Cusk (We'll take, "A Thing You Should Not Be In" for $1000, Alex. Like her novel, Outline, it is largely a study in negative space. Of creating a portrait through being unseen and unnamed but entirely present.)

ps--the Wyoming library system has an e-books option. Check it out.

TV Shows

  1. The Good Place

  2. Las Chicas del Cable

  3. Grace & Frankie

The original plan was to link to reviews of these shows. But after watching them in their entirety (along with about a million other shows we've seen *all* of -- go on, ask us anything), we like them just the way they are: unspoiled by professional reviewers' reviews of them. But, if you must know what someone else thinks, ask Emily Nussbaum. (She's, legit, our cultural commentary hero.)


  1. On The Basis of Sex (What's not to love about the story of RBG?)

  2. To All The Boys I've Loved Before (This reflection we'll link to.)

  3. Ocean's 8 (Admittedly, several of the ladies have faces that look vaguely like they used to be beautiful and then opted to have a new plastic version of their face extruded through a die because, Hollywood. Nonetheless, a mindless plot, 8 ladies, and a diamond heist is totally up our alley.)

And, as you're watching and reading, here's a quick thought:

Follow (On the twitter. You know, for info. Also, sometimes, for laughs. Uhm, we're also assuming that you're already following us...)

  1. Monica Hesse

  2. Sarah Kliff

  3. Lyz Lenz


If Deb isn't already on your radar, you might better enjoy your quarantine with a few recipes from her great cooking blog, Smitten Kitchen. We're partial to chicken and dumplings, done the easy way. We like to turn rotisserie chickens into days worth of meals for dozens of people, fishes and loaves style. Here's how we do it: make two chicken sandwiches from the roast chicken. Enjoy! Pick the rest of the chicken clean. Pop the carcass into a stock pot with the bottoms of your carrots, the tops of your celery, and the outsides of your onions. Throw in black peppercorns, a bunch of salt, and water. Boil and reduce to simmer. All that chicken can then go straight into this recipe and the next one, usually, with enough left over for a pot of chicken noodle soup and a chicken quesadilla.

We love this meal because anything in the fridge that you need to use up--last bit of chicken from the aforementioned rotisserie chicken, veggies that only have today left in them, potatoes because they're sprouting--can go right into the pot. It also takes about 20 minutes and reheats well if you don't finish it.

  • Waffles

If you have a toaster and a freezer, Eggos will probably do you just fine. If you have time to kill, a waffle iron, and don't mind separating eggs and parsing the distinction between "stiff but not dry" egg whites, Irma Rombauer has you covered in the most complicated fashion conceivable. These are tasty as they come off the waffle iron and freeze well so you can have your own toaster waffles.

Sift before measuring 1+3/4 cup flour

Resift with

1½ teaspoons baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

3 eggs, separated

1½ cups milk

3 T vegetable oil or melted butter (cooled)

  • In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the cake flour, baking powder, salt, sugar.

  • In a small bowl, mix the egg yolks, milk, and oil until smooth.

  • Whisk them into the dry ingredients. Batter will be lumpy, don't overmix.

  • Beat the egg whites until stiff but not dry. Carefully fold in the remaining egg whites.

  • Waffle iron.


  1. Don't worry, we'll give you more of everything on a recurring basis as self-isolation turns into quarantine and then into "shelter in place" (SF is already there) and then a mandatory lockdown (Spain, France, Italy).

  2. In the meantime, stay the fuck home.

  3. Unless you are a healthcare provider, in which case, our eternal gratitude. Or an hourly worker whose employer is not taking care of you, in which case, send us their info and we'll start some advocacy. Or you work for a grocery store and were unaware until Friday 3/13 that you had been conscripted into service, in which case, hat tip to you.

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