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Updated: Apr 20, 2021


This happened: Natrona County GOP member censured by state party for supporting women's PAC

Who knew working to elect more women would be so controversial? (We kid. We knew.)

We have things to say on this subject. So. Many. Things.

It is the 151st anniversary of Wyoming women's suffrage. The centennial of the 19th Amendment. The first time the slate of candidates for federal offices in Wyoming is all women. The first time Wyoming will send a woman to the US Senate. There are near-record numbers of women running for office in the Equality State. And record numbers of women running for office across the nation.

And, yet, here we are in the Equality State with the supermajority (btw, they're the party that claims to espouse smaller government) censuring a member for spending her own time and money advocating for women to run for elected office.

Here we are in the Equality State listening to a former legislatora woman herselfclaim that the existence of the Cowgirl Run Fund is sexist.

Here we are in the Equality State being told that women are "superbly" represented because the men in the legislature look out for them.

A friend paraphrased this assertion:

"Listen, I talked to my wife as she was ironing my pants and she said she was happy with the way things are."

Another friend, paraphrasing:

"Ladies, you have a voice. But only if you are married because your husband will speak for you."

Responses have on social media have been just as insightful.

Jen's parting shot in the article (and for your consideration):

“Gender is what I believe is the flashpoint here," she said.

"Plenty of other PACs give in a bipartisan fashion, and plenty of PACs have made efforts to unseat incumbents this cycle. This was a broad-based nonpartisan effort to encourage women to run for office because women’s voices are underrepresented at every level in elected office. Unfortunately, we’re being pulled in a direction that sees this as a bad thing when it’s actually a huge victory.”

Want to make change? Elect better candidates. Elect more women. Elect better women. Give to Cowgirl Run Fund. #RepresentationMatters

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