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Medicaid Expansion. We'll just keep working until we get it done.

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

We talk a lot about Medicaid Expansion. Jen, in particular, talks a lot about Medicaid Expansion. But we are not the only ones.

The Equality State Policy Center hosted a People's Review: Live! focused on Medicaid Expansion and what it would mean for rural hospitals and rural communities to close the coverage gap. You can watch the entire hour with some of Wyoming's foremost experts on the subject right here:

WyoFile partnered with the Energy News on a three part series about the declines in coal country. It looked at Wyoming and West Virginia in depth--and part three focused on health care: "Transition in Coal Country: Downturn Drives Medicaid Expansion Appeal."

Wyoming hasn't expanded. West Virginia has. "West Virginia expanded Medicaid in 2014, the first year they could do so. [WV has a] Republican-majority state legislature. [WV has] a significantly lower percentage of uninsured residents than Wyoming, which has yet to expand Medicaid."

Jen weighed in: "I think [Medicaid expansion] is actually a really strong conservative position. There’s great evidence across the country that Medicaid expansion actually results in more productive employees, better job creation and great economic growth. I would suggest that’s all in keeping with Wyoming values.”

Jen also weighed in on this piece that went wide across Wyoming and Colorado: "Pressure Mounts to Expand Medicaid During Coronavirus Emergency." You can listen to her here. Or read it here.

Meanwhile, she's not the only one talking about it.

The Wyoming Liberty Group likes to talk about it.

As you might imagine, we disagree. So does Healthy Wyoming.

Case in point: Oklahomans put the question to the voters on Tuesday via a ballot initiative. And they became the first state to expand Medicaid with a constitutional amendment. (Basically, they took a look at what happened in Idaho and Utah after voters passed Medicaid Expansion and legislators tried to dismantle the will of the voters and Oklahomans said, "Like hell you will.")

On August 4, Missourians will attempt to do the same. If they are successful, the pool of hold-outs will dwindle to 12.

It's like Wyoming is trying to finish DFL.

It's up to us to make sure that isn't the case! Follow @HealthyWyo on twitter and Get involved. Raise your voice. Help to take care of our friends and neighbors.

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