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Crossover Week: Humpday

Well, here we are: The end of the day on the last deadline day of what is affectionately knows as Crossover Week in the Wyoming Legislature.

As you know, Monday was fast and furious - and LONG. Round about 10:24pm well past the 13 hour mark, they called it. Lots of good bills ended up on the cutting room floor. Some pretty marginal bills with powerful backers continued their forward progress.

Tuesday required all of those bills to get through second reading - or die. The House, having a far longer list than the Senate and twice as many members (and well more than twice as many men who like to explain things), had some work to do to keep everything moving. And so they used rule 7-7, a little bit of procedural hocus-pocus, to keep the non-controversial items from wasting all our precious time.

Wednesday required all of those bills to get through third reading - or die. So tonight we buttoned up the last of the bills in their chambers of origin. Tomorrow, all of it will have crossed over.

So here's the recap on the bills we've been talking about, all of which were still alive at the beginning of the week, some of which no longer are. We offer these updates without comment tonight (for blow-by-blow on the floor debates or editorializing or notes correcting statewide reporters, check out our twitter fee

Starting tomorrow, all House bills will be in the Senate, all Senate bills will be in the House. We'll keep you posted on what happens from here. There is drama afoot, or so we are told. (Ed. note: Drama confirmed.)

See you tomorrow in the Jonah! (Or on the audio feed, if you're snowed in somewhere.)

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