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What Does The Research Say?

We want to talk about women in elected office. And so, as it turns out, do a lot of other people. Fortunately, there is more and more research on the subject. We'll be updating the Resources section of this website in coming weeks. But here is a pile of papers to get you started! Women are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis. They must lead our recovery plans. "A broad-based recovery must include a strategy to support working women as caregivers. This includes universal

Are Words Enough?

Ed. Note--Jen Simon is co-founder of Wyoming Women's Action Network and Senior Policy Advisor to the Equality State Policy Center. Throughout the next year, she'll be traveling around Wyoming talking about women's economic security, well-being, and representation. So, the project that I'm working on right now with Equality State Policy Center is about changing the conversation around women's roles in and contributions to Wyoming. It takes as its foundational premise that wome

Funding Gender Equality

According to Melinda Gates, writing yesterday in TIME, "Gender equality in the U.S. has been chronically underfunded. Data from Candid’s Foundation Directory Online suggests that private donors give $9.27 to higher education and $4.85 to the arts for every $1 they give to women’s issues." We want to repeat that, for emphasis, because it bears repeating: For every $9.27 donors give to higher education, they give $1 to women's issues. We're working with 1/10 the resources. No w

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