Update: Pay Equity Bills

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

All three pay equity bills (HB0071, HB0072, HB0084) have been referred to House Labor and will be heard upon adjournment on Monday, January 14, 2019.

Here are three easy ways that you can help:

  1. Plan to be there! A show of support at the committee hearing ensures that legislators know that this is an important issue. Here is the information about attending committee meetings (click the tab for Attending A Meeting to get details on protocol).

  2. Share your perspective with members of the House Labor Committee. They need to know that these bills are matters of economic security for women across the Equality State.

  3. Reach out to your legislator. Letting your elected officials know that you care about this issue is important. Want to find your legislator? Click here.

Thank you for taking the time to take action! Your voice matters for the economic security of women around the state.

Ed. Note: Talking points will be posted over the weekend.


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