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Some questions are in order about misogyny

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Part I

So, this happened. It was the zoom meeting of Joint Minerals Committee last Thursday (August 27, 2020). Skip ahead to the 3:21:00 mark for the comments.

Part II

So WWAN submitted this letter to the Legislative Services Office: Complaint on Comments from Senator Anderson

Part III

Then Jen took to her Equity State column, published in today's JH News&Guide to ask a few questions about misogyny. Here's an excerpt:

Senator Anderson, did you think that it was a compliment when you told the Chairwoman of the Wyoming Council for Women’s Issues that your committee would rather look at her than her slides?

Did you realize that she came to share data about the economic impact of women in Wyoming? Did you know that the presenter was appointed to her role by the Governor?

Why can’t a professional woman invited to give professional testimony to a legislative committee reasonably expect to be treated as a professional woman giving professional testimony?

What should the presenter have said or done when confronted with your “compliment”? Can we blame her for doing what all women have learned how to do: brush off the casual misogyny and move along?

Read more here.

Part IV

And then Nick Reynolds wrote this: Wyoming lawmaker criticized after commenting on appearance of Wyoming Women's Council chairwoman

"In an interview Tuesday, Wyoming Women’s Action Network founder Jen Simon said that Thursday’s incident underscores a culture of subtle and overt discrimination that often occurs in the male-dominated Wyoming Legislature, where men outnumber women by a rate of nearly seven to one. Just one woman, Rep. Shelly Duncan, R-Torrington, sits on Anderson’s committee, while influential committees like the Joint Appropriations Committee feature no female members."

And, as always:

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