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Not Quite A Quarantine Kit

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

We avoid the President's pressers but never miss the Gov's. (Once, Gov Gordon yelled in French. Pro-tip: Always watch through to the end.)

We read but don't watch news. (Lester Holt and the Nightly News can KO all but the most cynical of souls in the 23 minutes he's on the air each evening.)

And we sift daily through tragedy looking for hope.

(Case in point: John Prine's death this week led us to Roger Ebert's original 1970 review of John Prine as a young singer. The story goes that Roger Ebert went to review a movie, the popcorn was too salty, left and went down the street to the bar. He stumbled in on a young John Prine. The rest is history.)

We still revel in the fact that people's brilliant inner weirdos spill out into full light of day. And there is joy in the world (also, here and here; we have to say: we find a fair amount of joy floating around on the Twitter; also, many day drinkers).

In spite of all the darkness. In spite of all the sadness. In spite of all the death. There is still joy.

And, tomorrow, we will get up and look for joy again.


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