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Latest from Cheyenne

A few bills we love keep moving. A few bills we don't also keep moving.

We're thrilled that SF0072 Sexual assault biological reporting which would change the way that rape kits are managed in Wyoming - and insure that they are processed - passed on second reading in the House today. It is moving forward at the same time that a bipartisan effort in the US Senate has introduced legislation to support survivors of sexual abuse.

The Survivors' Access to Supportive Care Act #SASCA was introduced on 2/11/19 by Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Patty Murray (D-WA). The history of this bill is a testament to Leah Griffin's heroic efforts to advocate for all survivors. "Griffin believes that 'this is a problem that nobody even knows exists. Everyone I talk to about it is shocked that it’s the case that you can go to an emergency room and they don’t have the resources to collect evidence [via a rape kit]...It’d be like your house getting burgled and the police show up and there are fingerprints everywhere, but they don’t have a fingerprint kit,' explains Griffin." Read the full story here. And find out more about legislation and how you can help via the #SACSA fact sheet.

If you haven't been checking in lately with the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, here is a quick glimpse at their bill tracker. They have been doing heroic work of their own in Cheyenne and bills that promise justice to survivors - like HB0107 terminating the parental rights of rapists - continue to advance thanks to their work. We expect to see it on General File in the Senate this week so be sure to reach out to your Senator today.

For those of you tracking the two remaining abortion bills, HB0103 reporting and HB0140 48 hour waiting period, those are scheduled to be heard in Senate Labor/Health at 8am on Friday 2/15. If you can be there to make public comment or testify, we encourage you to go.

We'll see you in the Jonah sometime this week. And if you can't be there, be sure to listen in!

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