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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Time is short and we need you to GET LOUD.

March Madness isn't just for hoops. It is also for crossover deadlines in the Wyoming Legislature. Tomorrow is the last day for bills to move off of General File in their chamber of origin.

Which means that this is your last chance to make your voice heard.

Tell your Representatives and Senators to move the bill to the floor and VOTE YES. We have tips and tricks and talking points on our site and there is a handy outreach form + talking points over on Healthy Wyoming.

(Side note: If we do our work well, tomorrow will be your first last chance. Because, if either bill advances tomorrow, then Tuesday is the last chance for second reading. If it keeps moving, Wednesday is the last chance for third reading. After that, we start it all over again in the other chamber. Check out how that all works on the schedule here which you can read alongside how a bill becomes a law, Wyoming style. But, we digress.)

There is work to be done!

And so much national attention right now. Check out what Modern Healthcare has to say about the MedEx efforts! Check out what US News & World Report is saying about the coalition!

We've gotten calls from all over the country (including HHS!). And people across the state are out in every kind of weather advocating.

Let's join them!

Get yourself to writing and then get yourself to calling and then get to getting three friends to write and call. Get started tonight. Keep working tomorrow. We have all morning. We have lunchtime. We probably even have a few hours in the early afternoon. Let's use every minute.

Let's get Medicaid expansion passed and prove once and for all how much we care for our friends and neighbors.


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