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Is Wyoming's Gender Wage Gap A Myth? And other stories we tell ourselves.

Nat and I off to Pinedale today to talk about the major myths around the gender wage gap. In case we haven't mentioned it before, there are four big ones:

#1: The gender wage gap doesn’t exist

#2: The gender wage gap comes from comparing higher paying and lower paying jobs

#3: The wage gap is a phenomenon that exists because women make different choices

#4: The gender wage gap exists but there is nothing we can do about it

We can debunk all of them.

Interested? Join us at noon today at the Sublette County Library in Pinedale and celebrate Women's History Month while learning more about Wyoming's gender wage gap.

Unable to get to Pinedale in time? I've posted the presentation to our research page (click here and scroll to the bottom to download it, presenter's notes and all), and I'll be writing more about it later today and tomorrow.


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