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Guest Post: Today's Entry from Cowgirl Run Fund!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Our colleagues over at the Cowgirl Run Fund posted a round-up of recent print media coverage all sparked by the effort to elect more women, and we wanted to make sure all of our readers got the chance to check it out.

It all started here:

Wyoming Republican Party censures member for PAC support

State committeewoman JoAnn True became the first person censured by members of her party in years after they voted 36-25 over the weekend, the Casper Star-Tribune reported.

“Gender is what I believe is the flashpoint here,” Cowgirl Run Fund co-founder Jen Simon said.

“Plenty of other PACs give in a bipartisan fashion, and plenty of PACs have made efforts to unseat incumbents this cycle."

We're sure that you heard about it or read about it. In the Casper Star Tribune (above) or perhaps in the Washington Times or the Scottsbluff Star Herald. The truth is, our little PAC, our mission, and our incomparable co-founder, JoAnn True, made the news. All the news.

We're proud of our work.

And we're humbled by the incredible notes of support that filled our inbox and the checks--thousands and thousands of dollars in donations--that came in to support women running for office right here in the Equality State. We stand with our candidates because you stand with us.

So we wanted to take a second to say thank you. And to recap some (but surely not all) of the subsequent news and editorials.

  1. Editorial board: Censuring support for women's equality is an embarrassing mistake

  2. Zeidler: True should be lauded, not censured

  3. Nicolaysen: Attack on an individual promoting women in politics is idiotic for starters

  4. Stepp: State Republican Party actions shameful

  5. Symons: Republican State Party hullabaloo

  6. Pollock: A shameful double standard

  7. Gamroth: State GOP shows its true allegiance

This one was less supportive of our work: Halverson: Censure is appropriate for Republican that funded Democrat.

But that opinion piece contains the sentence that spawned a dozen other written responses and a hundred more donations. So we urge you to read it, too.

It serves as a reminder of why we do this work.

Want to support women--across the political spectrum!--running for office? Join us for our event on October 7th @ 7pm. Register here!

And you can make a difference for each of the women we endorsed. Make a donation today!


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