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Great Quarantine Reads About Women Kicking Ass During the Quarantine

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

From USA Today: Female world leaders are handling coronavirus crisis 'in a really impressive manner,' experts say

"Why are female leaders handling this crisis so well? Because it's so difficult for women to get into office in the first place, experts say 'they are often just better leaders.'"

From Forbes: What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders

"There have been years of research timidly suggesting that women’s leadership styles might be different and beneficial. Instead, too many political organizations and companies are still working to get women to behave more like men if they want to lead or succeed. Yet these national leaders are case study sightings of the seven leadership traits men may want to learn from women. It’s time we recognized it—and elected more of it."

From WaPo: In a global emergency, women are showing how to lead

"Female political leaders have less room for error than do their male peers. Voters are more inclined to punish them for policy failures — particularly economic problems — while giving male leaders a pass for “bad luck.” Perhaps aware of the high stakes, women-led governments have launched some of the most aggressive social support measures."

From Fast Company: Women are leading us through the pandemic. They should be leading our country next

"We need women’s leadership more than ever in order to survive. For all the good women across the country are doing, our response to this crisis risks becoming a rhythm that we collectively normalize. It’s numbing. How long can we live in this fight-or-flight mode? Women can’t continue cleaning up other people’s messes, we need them in places to prevent the mess from ever happening."

From The Guardian: The secret weapon in the fight against coronavirus: women

"What is true, however, is that women generally have to be better in order to become leaders; we are held to far higher standards than men. Women are rarely able to fail up in the way men can; you have to be twice as good as a man in order to be taken half as seriously. You have to work twice as hard."

From Harvard Business Review: 7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women

"Instead of encouraging women to act like male leaders ... we should be asking men in power to adopt some of the more effective leadership behaviors more commonly found in women. This would create a pool of better role models who could pave the way for both competent men and women to advance."


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