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Cowgirl Run Fund!

Exciting news! Women across Wyoming just launched the Cowgirl Run Fund!

Here are the Wyoming Women's Action Network, we're dedicated to the same core values as the team over at the Cowgirl Run Fund:

Electing women who will change the conversation, change the policies, and change the outcomes for their families and our Wyoming communities. Electing women and building the bench until we achieve equal representation across the Equality State.

Why does the Cowboy State need the Cowgirl Run Fund? If you haven't...

  1. read about the increasing childcare needs and food insecurity across Wyoming

  2. read about why a childcare amendment failed in the Wyoming Legislature

  3. heard about the rules that exclude nonprofits--a sector that provides over 14,000 Wyoming jobs, over 70% of which are held by women--from state Business Relief Grants (or listen here: starts at the 54:12 mark and gets really interesting at the 56:00 mark)

  4. or seen any of the screenshots--hereherehere--demonstrating how few women currently serve in the State Legislature (btw, it isn't any better at the County Commission level)

...check them out. 

Already, state and national outlets are talking about the Cowgirl Run Fund. (Read more in the Casper Star Tribune! Watch the video from the Wall Street Journal!) Already, 34 female candidates from across Wyoming have applied for Cowgirl Run Fund support. 

We know times are challenging; they've never been more challenging. That's exactly why we're asking you to join women and men across the state in making a donation to support the Cowgirl Run FundIt is time to elect women dedicated to making the idea of the Equality State a reality.



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