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Commissioner Natalia Macker Named WCCA Commissioner of the Year!

We're proud to announce that the Wyoming County Commissioners' Association (WCCA) recognized our co-founder, Natalia Macker, as the WCCA Commissioner of the Year.

She is the first woman ever to receive the honor.

We want you to hear the words that her fellow commissioners delivered about Commissioner Macker when they recognized her at the WCCA event this past week:

"This year, we recognize a commissioner who balances an incredible portfolio with grace and effect. Our Riding for the Brand award winner--Commissioner Natalia Macker--is an exemplary leader in her county, an active leader within our organization, and an inspirational leader for all women in the State of Wyoming.

Politics is often referred to as a delicate dance. Sometimes it is an awful dance--like Achy Breaky Heart with Billy Ray Cyrus sporting a mullet. Sometimes it is a beautiful production--like the Nutcracker ballet. Ugly or elegant, it does not matter. Commissioner Macker is a performing artist who utilizes her creative talents to solve public policy problems with a smile, even when faced with considerable odds.

Engagement is the lifeblood of any organization. Inspired by other commissioners, Commissioner Macker applies her skills and abilities for the good of the WCCA, her county, other counties, and the state. She is a subject matter expert on public health and safety, focused on access and wellness. Natalia has forged partnerships and opened doors.

Commissioner Macker is--simply--a servant-leader. She shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.

Energized by the women in this room, Commissioner Macker is a mentor, inspiring current and future trailblazing, community-minded women and girls to step forward and fulfill their highest ambitions in life. Natalia, you inspire us."


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