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2022 Legislative Preview

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Hello, friends!

We're pretty excited that on Valentine's Day, less than two weeks from now, the Wyoming Legislature will be back in session. And we're pretty excited to be sending this preview your way!

Budget Sessions are short. Like, Ferris Bueller short.

There's lots to watch. Blink, and you could miss it.

That's what we're here for! Plus, they're still on YouTube, for your viewing pleasure, so you can track your citizen legislature from the comfort of your home or office or home office.

Here's a little info and a few links so you can get yourself ready!


The upcoming Budget Session will focus on just that: The Budget.

Because the intent is to stay focused on the budget, all other bills require a 2/3 threshold for introduction in their chamber of origin. You can read more about how that works right here!

Two other key pieces of legislation will also be front-and-center this session:

Learn more about how you can get involved below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Along with our partners at the Wyoming Women's Foundation and Equality State Policy Center, we'll be tracking bills that impact women.

Top of the list? Medicaid expansion! Thanks to the Healthy Wyoming Coalition, MedEx as been steadily gaining support. Medicaid expansion would not only benefit tens of thousands of our Wyoming neighbors who currently lack access to basic healthcare. It’s also good for women.

We've posted on this before--you can read more here and here and here and also from our partners at WyWF here--and the Wyoming Department of Health estimates that working women under 35 will be the largest group of enrollees. That's consistent with national data, too.

p.s. It's also good for business! Expanding Medicaid would:

  • lower business healthcare costs

  • support Wyoming’s healthcare industry and local economies

  • decrease medical debt

  • eliminate business tax penalties

  • create a healthier workforce

Healthy Wyoming has a letter outlining all the benefits. Do you own a business? Work with a business? Belong to your Chamber of Commerce? Here's the Healthy Wyoming toolkit to getting your business involved!


Want to know all the key dates? Here they are, click on through:

We'll be posting more about the session as bills continue to post out. Our How To page has some resources that can help you out. (Over at Equality State Policy Center, they have some resources for you, too. Same, same with the Wyoming Women's Foundation.) When our 2022 Legislative page is live, you'll get an update about that!

Meanwhile, we want to remind you that YOUR voice matters! Get involved! Not sure how? You can always drop us a line at info@ or via the contact form on this site.



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