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Period Project: About Us

Period Project

In 30 states, feminine hygiene products such as tampons are not exempt from sales tax because they are not classified as a health care necessity. Wyoming is one of those states.

Wyoming Women's Action Network has partnered with Period Equity to work on this important issue and advance legislation here in Wyoming. Join us as we work with women across the Equality State and Wyoming lawmakers to repeal the #TamponTax!

Did you know?

  • Period products are not covered by government grocery-assistance programs such as WIC and SNAP

  • 1 in 5 girls misses school for lack of access to period products

  • Nearly 2/3 of low-income women couldn’t afford menstrual hygiene products during the previous year

  • More than one in five women said they had this problem every month

  • Menstrual hygiene products are health & hygiene necessities

  • Health & policy initiatives can change this by declaring period products essential

For more information check out these great articles and resources:

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Period Project: Who We Are
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