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Our State Needs Your Voice

Let's change the conversation and put economic security and equality over politics. When women have access to economic resources, we reinvest in our communities. These economic resources make positive change for women, families, and communities around the Equality State. Real change will take all of us working together. Find out how you can make a difference.

Invest in Women

Economic empowerment is the single most defining feature in our lives. Without economic security--enough money to ensure that our families have a safe place to live, consistent meals, and clean water--nothing else matters. Pay equity--the assurance that women's work is valued as much as men's--would stabilize life for Wyoming's families and add $153M to the state's economy.

National Pay Equity efforts

Join A State Board

There are 179 state boards and commissions sanctioned by the Governor's Office--and many more in your municipality. These boards need active and involved citizens like you! This is where policy is first shaped. This is where you can make a difference for women in Wyoming.

Find out more here.

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Become A Member

Become a member of the Wyoming Women's Action Network and join women around the Equality State in ensuring that Wyoming works for women.

Membership is free. Members receive:

  • An annual invitation to network

  • Quarterly updates on opportunities 

  • The monthly newsletter

  • Weekly legislative updates during the Wyoming Legislative Session

Get Involved: Get Involved
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