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The Gender Lens Project

The Gender Lens Project is an incredible project of the Equality State Policy Center (ESPC) designed to change our policy conversations and improve state-level decision making by emphasizing the contributions of women in the state’s economy and in local communities. This project builds on ESPC’s capacity for policy analysis, statewide outreach, and expertise in gender issues, equal representation, and equitable policymaking. The result will be the original content and new conversations that highlight where women are – and are not – included in key conversations and policy in the Equality State. That's why all the "support our work" links on this site go to ESPC's donation page.

Economic Security

Women Holding Hands

When women thrive, communities thrive

Economic security is a critical part of women’s overall well-being. It contributes directly to our educational attainment, health, family stability, and community engagement. Yet, a substantial number of women in the United States—and in Wyoming—face economic hardships. And, too often, policies that would address women's economic security and improve Wyoming's overall economic prospects are overlooked or underestimated.

Equal Representation


Bring women's voices to the conversation

When women are present as leaders and decision makers, the issues that move to the fore change. In places with more female policymakers, bills about education, healthcare, taxation, economic security, sexual assault, personal safety, and childcare often gain traction and move forward. Elevating the voices of women in the Equality State and changing the conversation will improve life for everyone in the Equality State.

Equitable Policymaking

Women Voting

Ensuring that policy reflects 100% of Wyoming's citizens

When policymakers reflect half of our population, policy reflects half of our population. The Gender Lens Project exists to ensure that all Equality State legislation recognizes the inherent needs, rights, and worth of our state's citizens. We will work in support of conversations and legislation that reflects the realities of all people in Wyoming.

The Gender Lens Project: Programs
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